Natural Bamboo Hair Brush with Wooden Bristles and Peach Wood Comb Set

  • Professional styling at home: gives your hair a natural shine and beauty, preventing the appearance of split ends and brittle hair
  • All parts are made of the environmental materials: do not cause a chemical effect on the hair and skin as well as allergic reactions, since all the materials are made of natural components
  • Careful treatment of your hair: thick bristles with the balls on the ends do not break or rip hair out and do not scratch the scalp
  • Masseur for your scalp: gently massages the scalp, stimulating blood circulation and thus bringing fresh nutrients to the hair follicles
  • Easy and pleasant combing: copes with wet and tangled hair making the combing procedure easy and pleasant
  • 100% guaranteed exchange or refund: quickly and without questions we will exchange the product with a new one or refund your money if you are not satisfied with the quality of our product
  • Significantly reduces dandruff: the wooden hair brush gradually removes all the dead cells on the scalp to reduce the amount of dandruff and, ultimately, to prevent its occurrence. You will not need to spend money on chemical hair treatment and special medical shampoos

Product Description

When you use a wooden hair brush, you are guaranteed to enjoy the health, beauty and well-being of your hair. We are glad to introduce you our VelvetBreeze hair brush and comb that are steadily gaining popularity among both professional hairdressers and regular users.

Recommended head massage with the help of the hair brush: Combing with the usage of the massage movements provides the removal of headaches and stress, the prevention of neuroses and is responsible for the prevention of migraines. Five minutes of the massage combing a day is enough to carry out medical treatment. Additionally, you can comb your hair in the moments of acute pain. It is essential to start combing from the nape to the crown, and then to the forehead, actively massaging the entire crown with the circular movements or movements in all the directions.

Tips for the wooden hair brush and comb care: To prolong the service life of the hair brush, you should wash your eco brush in cold water using mild soap. DO NOT wash them in the dishwasher or DO NOT soak them. Keep your bamboo hair brush and peach comb away from heaters and do not leave it for a long time in the rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms and under the direct rays of the sun. After washing, carefully wipe and dry the hair brush and comb.

Our experience is trusted: We have been already working for 10 years to bring you pleasure and health from using our products. We have a wide range of time-tested products and we strive to use only environmentally friendly materials, only the proven forestry and have responsible partners. We conduct quality checks at every stage of production and storage, and therefore we guarantee the quality of our products.